T-Mobile Wireless Internet

A new entry into the mix is T-Mobile Wireless Internet. They are using spectrum that they received in their merger with Sprint to reconfigure their network for 5G and the excess diverted to rural wireless Internet. Right now it is 4G LTE only though. That said IF you are inhibited by the Grand Lake ridge you can get a more reliable and higher speed signal than Speedconnect for $50 a month and UNLIMITED. No install, and it comes with the router built in, OR you can use your own router. Easy set up and works well. Speeds where I am in PIHA are 8-14 Mbps, and fractional upload. You can try it and return in for no charge right now in 20 days. In Krakow Twp many of you will get much faster service, so it might well be a good bridge. Some folks on North Bay on the water have got service, but other areas behind the ridge are not getting a useable signal.

Also, they WILL be putting them out with the 5G network in a year or so, so things should get much better over time. They do have 5G in Gaylord and many areas around us right now, and T-Mobile has said they intend to target rural America first, while AT&T and Verizon are starting in high population cities and suburbs.

You can check them out at their new website, and two short reviews off YouTube just give you sense for the install. Alway tough to estimate success out here with Wireless, but I am using it now and it is a solid product IF you are not blocked by the ridge.