ALL OF YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS HAS FILED FOR BANKRUPTCY EARLY in 2020. Their DEBT is deeply distressed and deep in ‘junk’ territory. In their plan over 10 Billion dollars of debt will be eliminated and converted to common stock in the company at a level set by the court. It is the largest communications company Bankruptcy ever.

Their Stock (FTR) is currently trading well below a ‘dollar’ a share making it a ‘penny’ stock and one of the biggest losers of the last five years! The current stockholders will be wiped out when and if the Bankruptcy is completed.

They have come to agreement with their creditors to swap out about 11B in debt for stock in the new entity when they come out of the Bankruptcy. That is estimated to be sometime this Spring. I would say they will be a stable source of Internet to those they currently provide services to, but don’t look for improvement in our area. That ship appears to have sailed.


Frontier just turned on their ‘high-speed’ Internet for some small part of PIHA in Presque Isle! That is a joke and considering that the FCC PAID them to put in this lame service as an ‘upgrade’ it is an outrage!

They do provide decent service to some, slow service to others, and some have outages. I would guess this is primarily due to the fact that are using 1970’s copper phone lines to bring service to the home. Since the wires are hung from poles and are in no way designed to carry the Internet so upgrading would be highly expensive for them. With PIEG coming the future I doubt they will be improving  in any measurable way the service they currently provide.

That said, there will be SOME folks who will get better speeds if you are closer to one of the nodes. You should call and see what you can get. The number is: