Questions and Answers

The Q&A on this page is based on the most reliable information available but is subject to change at any time. It is provided for the sole purpose of answering questions for the community with what is currently known about any possible Frontier build-out to provide us with high-speed Internet. This information is in no way a commitment from Frontier, but more a statement of what we are shooting for in any future build-out.

Q. When might any Frontier build-out happen?

A. It is highly possible that it could begin March of next year (2019), after the first thaw, and hopefully, be completed by the end of the summer. Since this involves updates to existing lines it could go quicker or see delays. We expect and hope that a final approval for the build-out, as well as the exact coverage areas, will be made by November. Check this site to keep updated on the progress. A lot of work is going into getting all of PIHA covered!

Q. What type of service can we expect?

A. The current plans call for an FTTN (Fiber to the Node) build-out. Frontier would bring fiber up US 23, down Rayburn to Grand Lake Road. The main fiber would terminate at the Birch Hill area where Frontier has an existing node. The signal would then be routed to each home via the existing copper phone lines. Speeds will vary, based on how far your address is from the nearest node, but we are currently hopeful for download speeds of 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps. Upload speeds would be 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps. Speeds are estimated, as they are from most Internet providers, and not guaranteed, but they would provide a substantial improvement from anything currently available to the community.

Q. Is there an estimated cost available for the service?

A. Most residents will be able to buy unlimited Internet for between $35 and $75 dollars a month. Rates are based on the speeds you sign up for but most in our area will fall into that range. Commercial rates are available and based on each individual install.

Q. Will commercial service be available?

A. Yes. Speeds, both download, and upload are based on need, and the cost is based on the services required to satisfy your individual needs. As soon as the build-out is approved we will provide you with contact information. If you have specific questions now please use the CONTACT FORM on this site and we will connect you with the right person at Frontier.

Q. Do we have to commit to a set term?

A. NO. Frontier allows you to ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’ the service over the Internet. This should be very helpful for part-time residents.

Q. Will the Township have to raise taxes or borrow money to get us this service?

A. NO. Your Township Board and Supervisor have been major champions of this project and there is no taxpayer money being spent from the Township. We do anticipate getting some funds from the State, but most of the money is coming from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and Frontier Communications. Sue Allor and Jim Stamos have been very helpful on the State of Michigan side, and Jack Bergman was instrumental in supporting our efforts with the FCC. Debbie Stabenow has also been involved in the entire process, so this is truly a bi-partisan effort to support our community. THANKS TO ALL OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS!