Cherry Capital Updates

Cherry Capital is applying for permits and will be doing some ‘test’ drilling in the area in the coming days and weeks. This part of the project will satisfy the planning requirements. If you have an antenna that is on your property that could be used for the wireless system they are planning, or if you still want to get your sign up in, then contact Cherry Captial and let them know.


This a project that requires a substantial investment of capital for CCC. We THANK them for bringing High-Speed Internet to Presque Isle and Krakow Townships.



Cherry Buildout Plans

The buildout plans for the ‘bridge’ wireless system, and for pulling the Fiber to Presque Isle/Krakow Township are proceeding. Here are images that map out the current plans. Nothing can be finalized until permits and contracts are signed, but this is the present state of the plans.


The purple line is the planned path for the initial fiber to the area. The stars are where signups are currently clustered. It is not surprising that the most interest is in areas where there is NO viable service from any other providers.


This is a current plan for the wireless network. the purple lines represent where the potential fiber routes to service the area will come from, and the triangles are the potential locations of towers for the wireless network. The wireless option will only be available to those who signed up for Fiber To The Home. They are intended to be temporary while fiber is laid to the areas where there are existing signups. Once the fiber is installed, the wireless network will be removed.

The buildout time schedules are NOT available until CCC gets all the permits, etc., in place. As you can read in the Cherry Capital Newsletter this is proceeding now as quickly as possible.


We will keep you informed as the planning progresses, but the project IS happening, so hang on to receive REAL High-Speed Internet!

If you have not already please SIGN UP HERE!

Frontier – High-Speed ‘Sort of’ Internet

Oh well. Frontier just turned on their ‘high-speed’ Internet for some small part of PIHA in Presque Isle. I was just offered 3 Mbps Download and fractional Upload from them for my home off Highland Pines. I said NO! That is a joke and considering that the FCC PAID them to put in this lame service as an ‘upgrade’ it is an outrage!

That said, there will be SOME folks who will get better speeds if you are closer to one of the nodes. You should call and see what you can get. The number is:


Let us know what they offer you. Remember that download is NOT guaranteed, but there should be no install fee or contract, so for some of you suffering from SpeedConnect’s lame service (like I am) you may get an improvement. Actually, SC is faster than Frontier right now for me. Oh well!!!

You should know that Frontier stock has plummetted and they are having issues in other states right now with maintaining service levels,  and bitter complaints by Minnesota’s Senators. They have 17B in debt and their stock trades around a buck a share now. But hey, SpeedConnect‘s new parent is a penny stock on the OTC and trades at below a buck a share when it trades at all.

If you have NOT signed up for Cherry Captial check them out now. They appear to be our only hope for REAL High-Speed Internet!!!

Save Money with CCC Internet!

You can SAVE money with true high-speed Internet that brings Fiber to the Home!

If you currently pay for the following services:

$70 a month for awful Internet from SpeedConnect
$60 a month for unreliable Frontier phone service
$90 a month for Dish Satellite TV (with a two-year contract commitment)
$?? a month for lousy cell service in your home that exposes you to risk in an emergency

TOTAL:   UPWARD OF $220 A MONTH! (And a LOT higher if you have Satellite Internet).
Do the math yourself for what you pay for now and compare!

WITH CCC Fiber to the Home Internet:

$80 a month for true 25 Mbps Download and 25 Mbps Upload (and an upgrade path to 100/100)
$22 a month for reliable VOIP telephone that can connect to 911 in an emergency
$49 a month Internet-based TV services with NO contract! Check for just a few of the options HERE!
$FREE services that allow your existing Smartphone to make calls (while in your home or anywhere where you have a WiFi connection) via the Internet and use NO minutes when within your WiFi router’s range and around your home. (Download Google Voice for Android or IPhone and use the Internet to make calls in your home. Spoiler, you NEED real high-speed Intenet such as CCC is offering for it to work properly.)

TOTAL:  $141 A MONTH! Your savings more than pay for the one time $249 installation fee! And, it is upgradeable in speed in the future if you wish, AND it is buried fiber so no blackouts when there is a whiteout or rain!!! If you have ever gone to the PIHA Clubhouse for the Internet in a rainstorm you know that even there it is hit or miss because they get their Internet from SpeedConnect too!

To signup online go to
To see answers to frequently asked questions (updated) go to Cherry Capital Q&A 
To review all the Internet options in the area CLICK HERE

If you wish to signup manually go to Lakeshore Realty the PIHA Clubhouse or the Presque Isle Township Hall and the forms are available there as well.


Cherry Capital Update!

This Friday Cherry Capital Connections, LLC invited several community leaders to discuss the growing need for true Fiber to the Home solutions for rural Michigan communities. Tim Mayone, CEO of CCC, and Justin Maylone, COO, invited Jack Bergman, Congressman for the First District of Michigan to meet and discuss the issues and hopefully get support from the FCC and other Federal Agencies. Community leaders included Larry Fields, Presque Isle Township Supervisor, and leaders from Cheboygan communities that have also signed up for FTTH from CCC. Also in attendance were suppliers of equipment for CCC who will be part of the team that supports this effort, and that will create jobs for locals on these projects.


The largest reason Presque Isle and Krakow Twp. are getting attention from providers, and how we attracted CCC in the first place comes down to two words ‘COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT‘. To everyone who emailed their representatives on the State and Federal Level THANK YOU!!! IT MADE A DIFFERENCE!

THERE IS STILL TIME TO SIGN UP! PLEASE DON’T WAIT! The initial buildout will go into ‘design phase’ soon and after that, your ability to get FTTH may be hindered or delayed substantially. The reason we are pushing is that this is NOT funded by the government, so if CCC is going to ‘invest their own money’ in your area they need to KNOW that you are committed. Krakow Township, Black Bass Bay, Grand Pines, and the areas around Grand Lake could all be included in the build IF you sign up!

Township Board Approves Grant

From Tim Maylone, CEO of Cherry Capital Connection, LLC:

“Cherry Capital Connection, LLC would like to thank the leadership of Presque Isle Township in voting to accept our proposal for developing FTTH (fiber) and FPW (wireless) broadband throughout the township. A group of PI leaders spent 3-4 years evaluating options and they choose CCC for this Grant.”

The Grant, from the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation) in the amount of $100K that was received by PI through the efforts of Larry Fields, Township Supervisor with Sue Allor, our Representative to Lansing, has been awarded to CCC. The Grant was for a study of our needs in the area and includes the creation of a plan to provide Fiber to our community. This study of our needs will serve as a roadmap for future expansion as well, AND assist us in creating a ‘bridge’ to FTTH (Fiber To The Home). As part of this Grant, CCC will be providing FREE hotspots to both of the Lighthouses in PI! It has been clear from the beginning when Larry Fields (PI Township Supervisor), Kyle Taylor (LakeShore Realty), and myself (just a geek), met with Tim Maylone and presented our community’s needs to him that he and the company he heads wanted a ‘partnership’ with the community. I look forward to deepening the ties with CCC, and over time providing REAL High-Speed-Internet to every home in the community. It should be clear that the total cost of providing fiber will, in the end, be a project close to $1 Million dollars, and this Grant was to fund the initial feasibility studies. The Township is NOT spending any tax dollars on this project. CCC is funding the balance of the Buildout itself. The exact timing of the project will be available in the coming weeks and months.

We will provide further updates soon, so stay tuned. AND, if you have NOT signed-up yet it might be time to get on the bandwagon NOW! THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Mike Rehling


Updates and Answers on Internet Options for the area

Cherry Capital Communications sign-ups are progressing. They are working on designs and engineering for the build and negotiating needed supplier relationships. What we REALLY need now is for folks to GET THEIR APPLICATIONS into us!!! We have high interest BUT there are some areas where we have very few people. If you are two miles from the closest other homes who are signed up then you will be a low priority for the build-out. That is nothing more than a cost issue. So, if you have expressed interest and have filled out the form then you might want to ask your neighbors if they have also! When CCC does the initial design and engineering they will begin to lay fiber in the areas where there is the highest concentration. That does not mean you will be left out forever if you are in a ‘thin’ sign-up area, but it is quite likely it will take longer before you get the service. For that reason, we encourage you to fill out your forms and get them to LAKESHORE REALTY at Grand Lake Road and Highland Pines and drop them off. You can also sign up ONLINE at  (It is a ‘two-step’ process where you set up an account, and THEN go on to select your service level) and complete your sign-up. CCC will have telephone and Streaming options available as well, and a plan for part-time residents is also provided.

This project IS going to happen, so please get your applications in, either online or manually filled out taken in to be processed! THAT IS WHY WE ARE SO FOCUSED ON THE CCC project at this time. The other options are either completely fleshed out as to what they will be doing or have done or there is simply no news to report, BUT CCC provides the only path to a full Fiber to the Home option, and the sign-up time is NOW! Questions? Check out the Cherry Capital Q&A.

Frontier is working in the area now, but they will NOT allow anyone to pre-sign up. They will be completed with their build in August sometime and when they allow sign-ups then we will let you know. Signing the ‘interest’ form last year at the Township meeting DOES NOT mean you are signed up. The pricing, as well as the map of the build, is right here on the Frontier Q&A link.

It is also important to know that Frontier is only covering less than a THIRD of the 1600 homes in our area. The rest of us would like coverage also. They are also only guaranteeing 10 Mbps Downloads versus CCC offering 25 Mbps and up to 100 Mbps downloads. Fiber to the home is the future. Frontier is pushing their signal over 50-year-old copper wire. The company is also under the threat of bankruptcy so we are legitimately concerned about their future.

As soon as they are ready you will hear about it. The day I know you will. At that time you will be provided a link to complete your sign-up for their offerings. This site was ENTIRELY about Frontier while we were getting them to do their build. Once it was determined what and where they would build we set about getting EVERYONE covered with the Internet.

SpeedConnect has changed ownership. They are NOT discussing what, if anything, they might do for us in Presque Isle. Their new parent company is a public company that is traded over the counter as a ‘penny’ stock under the symbol TPTW. As a customer of theirs, the service is ‘sputtering’ at best, and this change of ownership is not heartening.

Charter, which covers folks around the Grand Lake area completed their upgrades a couple of years ago but has NO plans to expand their service. They are NOT true ‘fiber to the home’, but do provide higher speeds than the other existing suppliers, and have other bundled options available. They have indicated that they are ‘standing pat’ with the areas they currently cover and won’t expand in our area any time in the near future.
Hope this explains things for you the status of all the Internet options in Presque Isle/Krakow Twp. If you have other questions just click on the Contact link and you will receive a quick reply.



Township Hall Meeting – Fiber to the Home for Presque Isle/Krakow Twp.

Thank so much to Tim Maylone and his son Justin from Cherry Capital Communications for coming to the Township to introduce themselves, and present their vision for Fiber to the Home for Presque Isle and Krakow Townships. We had a good crowd and I believe we all came away convinced that Fiber is what we need to make our area Internet friendly for the next several decades. Fiber is NOT a short term patch like copper wire, cable, or wireless. Fiber IS the future!


Below are some questions that were asked at the meeting and the responses:

Q. Can I ‘increase’ my speed later if I wish?

A. Yes, you simply contact Cherry Capital and they can increase it immediately.

Q. Is each home capable of getting the highest speed even if they did not order it from the start?

A. YES, every home is engineered for the highest speeds from day one.

Q. What equipment will be needed in my home?

A. The fiber connection will have a small box a fraction of the size of a cable or wireless box, and that is all you will need to bring the fiber in. Homeowners will be required to provide their own wireless router.

Q. How deep is the fiber laid underground?

A. Along the roadway, it is usually Four Feet, but to your home, it will be generally only 18 inches.

Q. How many devices can be used in the home?

A. The number is only limited to the capacity and speed of your own wireless router. There are no limits imposed by CCC.

Q. If we order the Telephone option does it still connect to 911?

A. YES! When you dial 911 it will be automatically directed to the correct location.

Q. With the telephone option what equipment will I need to purchase?

A. You will need your own phone and a battery backup unit in case of power failure. These are easily and cheaply available from a number of sources, and in most cases, your existing equipment will work fine.

Q. Does CCC have adequate sources of fiber to support this project?

A. Yes, they have multiple sources and existing contracts with several strong providers.


Township Hall Meeting – Cherry Capital

On JULY 12TH (a Friday) at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall we will have a presentation by Cherry Capital Communications regarding their proposed FIBER TO THE HOME offering for this area. Folks outside of the Township proper are also WELCOME! In this meeting, you will meet the management of Cherry Capital as well as get ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!

To signup online go to

To see answers to frequently asked questions (updated) go to Cherry Capital Q&A 

If you wish to signup manually go to the PIHA Clubhouse or the Presque Isle Township Hall and the forms are available there as well.

THANKS to everyone who has signed up already! We need to have a strong response to get this project started and we are more than halfway there already!

If you have questions please email us here Contact

Our area DESERVES true high-speed Internet!!!


Cherry Capital to attend PIHA Meeting!

Tim Maylone, the owner of Cherry Capital Communications will briefly address the PIHA meeting, and be available afterward to answer questions. We will have a computer available so you can sign up at the meeting if you wish. PIHA Meeting is at 11:00 AM on Saturday at the clubhouse.

WE NEED AT LEAST 200 PEOPLE TO SIGN UP! If you have not signed up yet, please do so TODAY! The longer we wait the less likely that any sort of help will be in place this year!

IF you are thinking that you will just ‘keep what you have’, then please consider the following:

  1. SpeedConnect has sold it’s ‘spectrum’ that it broadcasts on to Sprint. They have shut down other areas already. SC has also been bought by a ‘penny stock’ company in California that currently trades at 10 cents a share. They have no plans of upgrading either.
  2. DirectTV is now owned by AT&T and they have announced that they will be moving those customers to their Internet model and have over 45% already OFF the satellites. In three years they claim that they will be an Internet ONLY product. Why would they do that? Because if you stream DirectTV they don’t have installation issues, no DVR or other equipment needed in your home that they have to support or inventory. You also have NO weather-related outages. You get the same stations with all the same features if you stream. Saves them a ton and these options are cheaper too.
  3. DISH is also trying to bail on the satellite business and is currently bidding on Boost Mobile so they can ‘stream’ their product to mobile devices. They have streaming options now and are moving their platform to the Internet as well. Both Dish and DirectTV have lost MILLIONS of customers to streaming in the last year alone and the drain continues. Launching and supporting satellites is REALLY EXPENSIVE. They don’t have a reasonable choice but to move to the Internet.
  4. In short, your Internet providers doing business here now are NOT going to expand their services at this time AND most of your neighbors will NOT get true high-speed Internet for many years! Fiber to the home lasts decades, and there is NO hardware needed. Once installed to your home, you attach the cable to your wireless router and you stream content at high-speed. Also, fiber is upgradable by a factor of 10 or more in the future with NO new cable. Fiber is the ONLY long term solution.

So, ‘standing pat’ is not a real option. NOW is the time when we have Cherry Captial’s attention, SO NOW IS THE TIME TO SIGN UP! SEE YOU AT THE PIHA MEETING ON SATURDAY THE 22ND AT 11:00 AM AT THE CLUBHOUSE!

Check out the UPDATED Q&A tab on this site.