Northern Michigan University Internet Q&A

NMU has an existing service area in the Upper Peninsula, but the article linked to below explains they now have permission to expand into the Eastern half of the Lower Peninsula as well. Their services in their current service area are generally well-received and appear to be capable of expanding to 5G at some point in the future. Their offerings are coupled with educational programs partnering with local schools, as well as online courses with the University itself.

The article regarding the grant of the spectrum to support the project is HERE, and a brief overview of their current UP program HERE. Their website that supports their UP offerings is HERE, but until they announce their official plans for the Lower Penninsula there is no real data on pricing, although it will likely be similar. As more details begin to be announced regarding service and funding for this expansion we will let you know.

Since this program has an ‘educational’ hook to it, the likelihood of getting funding for the project is high. They also have an existing relationship to the Merit Educational Network that they can leverage to get the system up quicker than most.