Internet Toolkit

Ok, at the request of many here are some ‘tools’ you can use to measure your existing Internet Speeds AND estimate what speeds you may need. Bear in mind that because a certain speed works for you TODAY does mean it will work well for you in the future.



Note:  When you log in to this site IF you chose to create an ‘account’ with them you will be able to see the history of your speed tests, but you don’t have to do that to see your speed. In any case, be SURE to make certain that the under the GO button on the right-hand side it says Merit – Alpena Michigan. That is the closest and fastest Internet in our area. Knowing what you get right now is the first step in knowing what you might need in the future. Are you satisfied with the speeds? Does your system ‘hourglass’ when streaming movies? If you have the telephone service on the Internet is the sound good? Does the telephone ‘drop-out’ from time to time? Those are all things to consider.


Q. What is the best Speed for me to purchase based on my usage?

What Speed Do I Need?

Note:  This is ‘rough’ estimation, but just from my observations it seems a decent estimate of your Internet needs. Don’t forget that you DVR, Security System, Wireless Thermostat, IPads, TV’s, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stix or Alexa! Then remember that your Smartphone is also connecting AND can be used with synchronous Internet offerings to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. In short, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the number of devices that will be used on your system. Every one of them is using bandwidth. Whatever the ‘estimate’ that is given add at least 10% more so you have wiggle room when visitors come or your technology is upgraded in the future. Having a bit more is better than trying to squeeze in more attached devices later. According to Tim Maylone – CEO of Cherry Capital Communications “Google” stated at the OHIO WISPA conference that the minimum requirement for any consumer should be set at 25Meg up and down.

Steaming requires 3-4 meg
Live streaming requires 6-10 meg
Browsing 1-2 meg
Internet of things 1.5meg per device attached