Update!!! And CCC Meeting!

Last night there was a productive meeting of the PI Township Planning Commission. Tim Maylone from Cherry Capital Communications discussed with the members the issues that were uncovered in the Zoning Ordinances. The language currently would impede the erection and/or use of existing towers for a Wireless Internet solution as a ‘bridge’ to Fiber to the Home. The planning commission came to the meeting with concrete suggestions to change the sections in question and agreed to handle this issue ‘expeditiously’ so as to minimize the impact on the project completion. A draft of the proposed changes will be taken up at a public meeting of the Planning Commission in January. As soon as the approved draft is published on the Township website we will provide everyone the link (anticipated this week). Once the final language is approved by the Planning Commission it will be sent to the County for a short review, and then scheduled for review at the February meeting of the Township Board of Trustees. It is important for everyone concerned that this is done correctly. 

A big thank you to the Planning Commission for handling this on a ‘fast track’ basis, but you should be assured that they have hired an attorney and an outside consultant so that these changes are done RIGHT! These changes are not being done just for CCC, but for others as well that may appear in the future, so everyone wants to avoid any unintended consequences. This does present a short delay prior to construction, but CCC is working to complete their site plan and be prepared to meet all the new guidelines set by the commission as soon as the changes to the ordinance are passed.

THERE WILL BE A MEETING OF THE MEN’S CLUB, AT THE PIHA CLUBHOUSE THIS THURSDAY AT 11:00 AM! Tim Maylone, CEO of Cherry Capital Communications will be there, and donuts will be served. Use the Contact Link on this site to RSVP, or just show up!!!

Cherry Capital Podcast on WJR!

Tim Maylone, CEO of Cherry Capital had an extensive interview with WJR on their “Internet Advisor” podcast. Here is the LINK, but you might want to start at Minute 15:00 for the meat of Tim’s discussion.

By the way, don’t forget the Planning Committee Meeting at Township Hall on December 2, tomorrow at 7:00 PM! Cherry Capital will be there to discuss the zoning. 



Cherry Capital Meeting Update!

Cherry Capital Connection, LLC during the feasibility study effort commissioned by the Presque Isle Township Board of Commissioners discovered that current zoning ordinances would prevent the development of a Fixed Point wireless system. This discovery was presented to the Township Supervisor, Township Zoning Administrator, and the Township Planning Commission chairperson.

We have discussed the possibility of designating Cherry Capital Connection, LLC as a public utility providing an essential service.  If agreed to then Section 4.14 as worded would allow the construction of additional personal wireless facilities with no zoning approval.  Another approach is to update zoning to address many telecommunication changes outlined by the State of Michigan and the updated federal 2012 telecommunication law changes presented under the balanced budget act. Making these changes would provide the possibility of constructing personal wireless facilities.

If section 4.14 is not considered then CCC would still be required to submit a site plan and obtain a special use permit.

Reviewing zoning and addressing possible changes will be addressed at the December 2, 2019 planning commission meeting at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall (the web site has not been updated to reflect this meeting). 

Cherry Capital Connection will be in attendance at that meeting and will be providing input to the planning commission. The Personal Wireless facility differs from a cellular tower. The FCC defines personal wireless facilities as a location that uses the equipment on the tower that is essentially the same as the equipment used to receive the signal. This is what CCC does. 

Additionally, the FCC OTARD rules that allow property owners to construct masts with no permits to receive telecommunications services to whatever height is required is being updated to allow these sites to be used as repeaters. CCC is a licensed CLEC and provides telecommunication services.

It is unclear how long a delay this will cause to the completion of the current project in Presque Isle. Cherry Capital Connection, LLC feels confident that the process will move forward in a timely manner.

CCC thanks the planning commission chairperson for scheduling a meeting on December 2, 2019, at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall. 

Everyone is invited to attend.

Kind Regards,

Tim Maylone, CEO Cherry Capital Connection, LLC

SpeedConnect Outage

We have been without Speedconnect Internet service since yesterday late afternoon. The outage is across the entire State and they have no ETA to return service right now. They HAVE told me that anyone who calls and REQUESTS a CREDIT ON THEIR BILL  will get one.  As soon as the service is back CALL THEM!!! The amount of the credit will be small, but they SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY!


Cherry Capital Wireless Update


Final Plans for the Wireless ‘bridge’ to Fiber are being made!

Cherry Capital has completed the ‘proposed’ design for the Wireless system that will serve as a ‘bridge’ the Fiber to the Home system they will start work on next spring. Wireless is only temporary to ‘get PI through’ the construction phase of FTTH.


The wireless system will be SUBSTANITALY faster than any other offered in the county. There will also be multiple towers so we will not be dependant on a single source, and it WILL provide full coverage to areas that have NEVER had reliable Internet in the past.


The final stage requires permits, permissions, and Township and private party approval for the erection of new or use of existing towers. CCC will be at the Township meeting next week to present their plans and hopefully provide some resolution on time frames. The plan, if approved by all parties concerned, should provide wireless by Christmas!!!


As soon as CCC receives the final approvals we will set up a meeting, hopefully at the PIHA Clubhouse, to outline those plans to anyone interested in the community.




If you have NOT signed up for Cherry Captial check them out now. They ARE our only hope for REAL High-Speed Internet!!!

Cherry Capital Updates

Cherry Capital is applying for permits and will be doing some ‘test’ drilling in the area in the coming days and weeks. This part of the project will satisfy the planning requirements. If you have an antenna that is on your property that could be used for the wireless system they are planning, or if you still want to get your sign up in, then contact Cherry Captial and let them know.


This a project that requires a substantial investment of capital for CCC. We THANK them for bringing High-Speed Internet to Presque Isle and Krakow Townships.



Cherry Buildout Plans

The buildout plans for the ‘bridge’ wireless system, and for pulling the Fiber to Presque Isle/Krakow Township are proceeding. Here are images that map out the current plans. Nothing can be finalized until permits and contracts are signed, but this is the present state of the plans.


The purple line is the planned path for the initial fiber to the area. The stars are where signups are currently clustered. It is not surprising that the most interest is in areas where there is NO viable service from any other providers.


This is a current plan for the wireless network. the purple lines represent where the potential fiber routes to service the area will come from, and the triangles are the potential locations of towers for the wireless network. The wireless option will only be available to those who signed up for Fiber To The Home. They are intended to be temporary while fiber is laid to the areas where there are existing signups. Once the fiber is installed, the wireless network will be removed.

The buildout time schedules are NOT available until CCC gets all the permits, etc., in place. As you can read in the Cherry Capital Newsletter this is proceeding now as quickly as possible.


We will keep you informed as the planning progresses, but the project IS happening, so hang on to receive REAL High-Speed Internet!

If you have not already please SIGN UP HERE!