Update on FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Phase I auction

Here is the Map showing the areas in Green that had ‘bids’ made for service. Areas in black had no one bidding on them. CLICK HERE

Here is the list put on on the bidders and the dollar amounts they are due to receive. CLICK HERE

A few things to note:

  1. CCO Holding, LLC is a Charter Communications holding company. They took a small slice of PI that is located near its existing service area. No big deal.
  2. Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium is a group of Electric Utilities, and that is PIEG here in PI. They got the largest piece of PI.
  3. The winning bidders have SIX YEARS to complete the project, but they get money each year, AND can get the money sooner if they finish quicker.
  4. Space Exploration Technologies Corp. is SpaceX, and they are the sole owners the StarLink project. They got just under a Billion Dollars nationwide, and have told folks in the media that they will use that money to lower the cost of the satellite (currently 495 dollars), but have not said by how much. They say they will open up our area by the end of January 2021. So you might want to at least get on the list.
  5. As noted above there are still areas that have no bidders in PI and Krakow. If you click on the link above and zero in on our area you will see that the sparsely populated areas are not getting any love. There is still hope for the future but it will be a longer time to get fiber so don’t overlook the other alternatives.

As more information comes out I will update you. Right now many of you are slated to get fiber to the home with low latency gigabit service over the coming years.