Internet Options are getting better for PI and Krakow!

Ok, COVID sucks, and no or slow Internet really sucks! BUT, there is a new options for us now that was not available until just recently.

T-Mobile Internet service. It is a hotspot, that is powered by an enhanced 4G LTE network. The cost is $50 a month, NO contract, NO data caps, and currently 50 Mbps Download AND Upload. That is more than you will need to power your house and stream simultaneously on multiple TV’s included 4K. Go check it out and see if your area is covered HERE. Also, they are planning true 5G to this area, but can’t give a hard date, but it might well be available, depending where you are, next year. That will blow away Comcast and Frontier, and make SpeedConnect seem like an old radio flyer wagon. YES, I have it on order myself and should have it, and fully tested it by the 10th of December. They do NOT charge for the equipment either and you don’t need to change your cell phone. There are some areas of PI that may not be available now along Grand Lake Road, but you can check that with your address. Easy sign up, no deposits or hidden charges. This will be great for people with kids on remote learning.

They already have some backorders on the equipment so now might be the time since there is little risk, especially if you have SpeedConnect.

Will keep you posted. There are some other options I am looking at but this one is the quickest and most promising.

Stay safe, have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy our beautiful area.