Updating the Updates

Well here is where we are on the High-Speed Internet project.

  1. CCC has towers up at the PIHA Maintenance area and in Posen. Leases are in place for those and for the PIHA Campground. At this time no other leases have been completed in PI. In Krakow there are four sites that have been preliminarily offered, but neither leases or approval have been requested or approved, but it is expected that they will proceed in the very near future.
  2. Equipment has almost entirely arrived, BUT the FCC licences are being processed, but due to the COVID shutdown of by the government the wheels are turning slowly. CCC believes that two to three weeks more should do it.
  3. CCC has already made a substantial investment into the equipment needed to send, relay, and receive true high-speed Internet in PI and Krakow Township.
  4. Without spinning your heads with technical terms, the equipment that CCC will be installing is designed to penetrate trees, reduce the dependance on ‘line of sight’ connections, and provide increased reliability and speed. In short although we have a few more weeks to wait, the new technology is well worth it.
  5. CCC has focused on North Bay and other underserved areas in PI and Krakow. BUT until the equipment is installed on the towers and fired up they will not know exactly where the coverage from the first towers will land peripherally from the tower.
  6. In the coming weeks CCC will be contacting resident near the existing towers to officially sign them up for the service. If you receive an email or phone call from CCC please respond quickly so they can accurately determine the number of customers in the serviced area.

That is where we currently are with the project. After a year and a half it appears as if the delays at the PI Township level have at the very least abated. It should be duly noted that after a year of fussing over ordinances it now appears that we have put that behind us. It should be noted the last year of delays unfortunately also coincided with the COVID lockdowns at the local, state and federal levels to compound the time spent dramatically.

Kudos to PIHA for making the two sites available for towers on property they own, and for acting expeditiously to complete the leases. They have shown real vision in moving to this project along.

Krakow Township has also done a lot of work to offer sites and clear away barriers that had been in the old zoning ordinances. It is anticipated that once we get a signal at the existing towers that things move quickly there as well.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that FIBER TO THE HOME is what this entire project is about, and contrary to what some naysayers have discussed, the Wireless solution, was and remains a temporary solution to provide residents with service in the interim AND provide CCC with the cash flow and positive business case reinforcement so they can make the HUGE investment into the fiber. They can’t invest in our area without the wireless commitment.

Everything above is the opinion and observations of Mike Rehling alone. I don’t speak for anyone else, or any other group or political entity, and certainly NOT for CCC.

I will work to keep you all informed of any changes, issues, and most certainly successes going into the future. If you have questions use the CONTACT link and I will do my best to get you answers.