Results of the Planning Commission Meeting

Well, the PI Planning Commission finally gave the overall approvals that are needed. The Portage Deli can, when all terms are agreed to, add a ‘repeater’ to the existing mast they have on their property. If all goes as well that will provide services to North Bay and the Harbor area.

Also approved is the ability to use existing masts in the area, some of which are or have been used for residents and business to get Speedconnect, to have repeaters added. This will allow CCC, as they get paid subscribers in underserved pockets of Presque Isle, to provide wireless and build the subscriber base to support eventual Fiber to those areas.

THE most important takeaway for any of us in PI or Krakow Townships is that WE have to commit ourselves to Cherry Capital Connections or CCC won’t be ABLE to commit itself to our communities. CCC is NOT funded by government money. Charter, Frontier, AT&T, Verizon, ALL get subsidies from the government, substantial subsidies. CCC DOES NOT! It is their capital, they have to borrow to cover the costs of building the system and years to get positive on that investment. WE NEED TO SUPPORT THEM, OR THEY SIMPLY CAN’T SUPPORT US! They have to make business decisions, and they have other places to put their efforts and capital.

The delays have been regrettable, to say the least, but as the old Japanese saying goes, “Don’t fix the blame. Fix the problem.” We need to move on and get to the point where we get High Speed Wireless, NOT a Speedconnect wireless product, but one that works, and will lead us to Fiber for the future.

I walked out of the meeting last night, because I just could not sit and listen to the issue of the delays being laid on CCC alone. It has taken a year in which many of us suffered through lockdowns with no Internet, no ability to Zoom our grandchildren, our doctors, or have any reliable cell phone service (High Speed Wireless would solve that for us with VOIP), while standards were reviewed, revised, and redone. We have spent a tough year without reliable Internet, and many of us in PI and Krakow have NO good options to this day. I am grateful that through all the delays CCC has stayed here, and Tim Mayone and his company stay committed, IF the people commit to CCC!!! That is the next step!!!

We will be keeping you informed, and I hope that no more roadblocks are tossed in the path. More later.

Just my thoughts,

Mike Rehling