Planning Commission Meeting October 5th at 7:00 PM

Mike Rehling here, and the following are my ‘personal’ views of the status of our efforts to get high-speed Internet. I represent no one. Just interested in getting something to make the community more attractive to live in, and provide the ‘essential’ services that the Internet provides, most especially in the times we live in right this moment.

Well, we are still plugging along to our goal for High-Speed Internet in Presque Isle and Krakow Township. The plans have been completed, submitted to the PI Board, and it is functioning at the Deli and at La Farge already and has been. Towers are up at the PIHA Maintenance area, and in Posen where the source of the feed for our area will be coming from as soon as the equipment arrives from suppliers. Our ultimate ‘Fiber to the Home’ connection is also in Posen, but that involves laying the fiber, and it a bit late to even think about that this year.

Wireless Internet is a ‘temporary’ path to provide high-speed Internet while a fiber to the home build, which will take two to three years to totally complete, is ongoing. This WAS THE PLAN FROM THE BEGINNING. The customers who sign up for the wireless solution will be providing the cash-flow incentive for Cherry Capital to go to the expense of installing Fiber in our geologically challenged area.

That brings us to the Planning Commission Meeting on October 5th at 7:00 PM!!!

First off, ‘planning’ is about the future, not the past. A wildly outdated Zoning Ordinance contemplated when the Internet was not contemplated obviously did not contain information to facilitate an internet project. SO, there was a special planning meeting to revise the wording accomplish an update ‘patch’ covering a wireless project by CCC (or anyone else for that matter) to provide service in the interim. In that meeting, ‘existing’ towers were discussed and people present (including me) felt that was to be included in the revised ordinance. It was NOT in the final version. So, the meeting on the 5th of October is settle two issues:

  1. Allow the use of the tower built to provide Internet service to the Deli could ALSO be used, to provide service to many NORTH BAY residents who have highly limited-service now from SpeedConnect only. The tower exists already, is perfectly legal, and adding a small repeater to it, with permission of the Deli owners, is ALL that is needed. This should be a NO BRAINER.
  2. Provide for a change to the zoning ordinance that ‘existing masts’ on homeowner or commercial property (think Library, Lakeshore Realty, etc.) can also be used to mount repeaters IF the Zoning Administrator APPROVES. It would NOT have to go to the Planning Commission for a ‘formal’ meeting that only ‘delays’ the process. If the Zoning Administrator does not approve it would go the Planning commission. This small change would avoid the delays and paperwork involved in the current process. If the tower EXISTS it should not require plans for approval. This is TOO REASONABLE, and should also pass.


Mike Rehling

Thanks to everyone who supported this effort. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your assistance and kindness.