Wouldn’t it be nice to have Internet???

Speedconnect is DOWN AGAIN! Any company whose stock trades at less than a 1 cent a share is not something to count on! Frontier is fuzzy and in and out for my neighbors too, and they are days from filing Bankruptcy and a penny stock themselves!

ANY ELECTED OFFICIAL WHO TELLS ME THE INTERNET IS NOT AN ‘ESSENTIAL SERVICE’ IS DELUSIONAL! We are under a stay at home order, which everyone here in PI and Krakow is abiding by, and we have no way to communicate with relatives, our cell phones are crap, and I am typing this with my cellphone laying by the windowsill to get any signal. My voicemails sometimes hit my phone a full 24 hours LATE! That and the fact that after the Covonavirus crisis who will want to buy a home here that has limited to no contact with the outside world? PI and Krakow are NOT the Alaskan wilderness, but it does seem like it some days for a substantial number of us.

We can’t get our approvals for Cherry Capital Communications to build their temporary towers because the Governor’s order (which I fully support) unfortunately prohibits almost ALL public meetings. IF we want to do one we would need the Internet, and OH, we don’t have much of that right now. We are working on alternative solutions and we will keep you posted, but with many of our residents right in the target age of the virus, this is VERY frustrating. I worry for my wife and me and I worry for my neighbors. 

Just know that CCC is working every angle, and Internet providers are NOT prohibited from working under the order, for the simple reason that they are considered an ‘essential service’ especially at this time. Hopefully when the Governor’s order is revised in a week or so it will allow more flexibility in public meeting alternatives. That is unless we find a creative and legal way to accomplish these approvals sooner.

We will keep you posted as to the progress if any, that we make and many folks in Township government ARE working hard to get this done. In the meantime STAY SAFE!!!