CHERRY CAPITAL UPDATE (after a busy week)

We have had a lot of activity this week and I wanted to wait until all the meetings were complete before providing a recap. All in all, this was a VERY productive week and we got past many of the legal issues that are required to begin the Wireless Build. One thing we need to make clear is that the Wireless solution is a TEMPORARY solution while the 3 years (estimated) build-out for Fiber takes place. The Wireless that CCC is proposing is NOT like older systems it is a 4G LTE system that is state of the art. MUCH higher speeds and a lot more reliable than either SpeedConnect or Frontier. The goal of Fiber to the Home is the primary reason for putting in the Wireless since two of our other providers are not providing total coverage for all residents, and have substantial financial problems that may affect their service offering in the future. We all feel we need something NOW to get us through.


  1. Tim Maylone, President of Cherry Capital give a presentation of his plans to bring fiber to the community. This is an expensive process that will be in the millions. He is purchasing new equipment to handle our problematic 5 Ton ‘pebbles’ and is working to make the project go as smoothly as possible. The Wireless ‘bridge’ to fiber ‘should’ be started in May, and completed in June. We can’t give exact dates until all the legal approvals have been completed in Presque Isle and Krakow Township. Everyone is moving as fast as they can but public notice requirements and other issues have to be dealt with according to the standing ordinances. Both Townships are working to get this done quickly and we thank everyone involved.
  2. After Tim’s presentation to residents, the Board of Trustees met and took several actions to facilitate the project. They are requesting the last $50K from the State Grant immediately, and Tim agreed to provide some materials for them to include as they prepare to approve the release of the money. Also, as the Proof of Concept that is required as part of the grant, there will be a ‘test’ of the system at LaFarge who has agreed to be a customer of CCC. Three members of the relevant Township groups will verify the results. That successful test will release the last of the grant money and get the Wireless ‘bridge’ construction started.
  3. On Tuesday the Krakow Township’s board met and we discussed the Zoning and Planning areas efforts to get the appropriate approvals in place and we are anticipating that this will be completed by the middle of April. There ‘appear’ to be no real barriers that we see at the moment and the Township has been very supportive of the effort to get the Wireless bridge up in order to quickly move toward Fiber to the Home in the next three years. The Krakow and PI Wireless towers will support each other to provide the redundancy necessary for a very reliable system for both townships.
  4. On Thursday CCC met with the PIHA Board to seek approval of the two sites on PIHA property for Wireless Towers. One will be at the Campground property, and the other will be at Maintenance Shed Area across from the Clubhouse. Both areas will allow the towers to sit in unused forested areas. In consideration of these leases, CCC will provide service to the Clubhouse and to the Campground at levels that exceed what is currently available. Unfortunately, there was not a ‘quorum’ of the Board members available, and they agreed to hold a special meeting next Wednesday at 7:00 PM to take a vote. We are very hopeful it will be officially approved at that time. We thank Jacob Kroll and the Board of PIHA for their strong interest and support.

The project requires that the ENTIRE COMMUNITY show its support. As soon as we start construction on the Wireless bridge we will do another signup effort at the PIHA Clubhouse. We will keep residents posted as we progress, and if you have questions please use the Contact Page on this site.