Meeting March 9th at 6:30 PM!!!

Cherry Capital Connection will be presenting its plans for BOTH Krakow and Presque Isle Township. Their presentation will include plans for the Wireless ‘Bridge’ that will be up in early spring and the road map to full Fiber to The Home. KRAKOW TOWNSHIP residents need to SIGN UP so that the entire township can be mapped out for fiber and fully serviced with wireless. YOUR TOWNSHIP IS NOW THE FOCUS, and the two townships will provide redundancy for each other!!!

You will be able to ask questions and hear the plans outlined on the big screen TV. We will be in the Gym at the Presque Isle Township Hall so that we can accommodate the crowd that we expect.

After the meeting in the Gym, the regular Township Board of Trustees Meeting will take place at 7:00 PM and ‘hopefully’ they will approve the overview of the plan and release the last half of the ‘grant’ to CCC.  We still will have to get the plans approved by the Zoning Administrator and negotiate agreements with PIHA, PI Township, and other landowners in both townships who have expressed a willingness to have the wireless towers on their property. We will have a much better handle on this by the time of the March 9the meeting. I want to be sure to say that EVERYONE involved has been working diligently to get this project done as quickly as possible, BUT no one wants to take a shortcut that could cause a problem down the line. Yes, there have been delays BUT you can’t score a home run by skipping the bases. THIS PROJECT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Be sure to tell your neighbors, especially in Krakow Township (where I live BTW) so we can get a good idea of where the interest in Fiber and the Wireless ‘Bridge’ exists. That makes planning a lot more accurate and assures that your neighborhood is one of the first to be serviced.



Presque Isle Township Hall