Updates – Krakow and Presque Isle

NOTE:  My summaries of Township meetings are NOT official. They are meant to be general recaps of the meetings and are provided by me in good faith. BUT, attending Township meetings is actually quite revealing and is, in my humble opinion, a good way to assure yourself that your Township Boards are operating in the interests of the residents. By my experience, you are being taken care of well. Consider showing up from time to time if you want to see local government in action.


A meeting was held tonight at the Township Hall. We had a good discussion about Cherry Capital’s efforts in the area. The Board approved a Resolution in support of CCC’s efforts to bring REAL High-Speed Internet to our area. This resolution will be used to assist CCC is being considered for Federal Funding for Rural Internet. This funding has just recently been passed. CCC would like to do more areas than ours and this funding would be helpful in expanding their efforts. Although it is not necessary for our project it would be GREAT to have some of that money flow into our area. The vote was unanimous and we thank them for their support.

Cherry Capital will be working with the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board to locate and receive approvals for the Towers that will be used as a ‘bridge’ to the Fiber to The Home buildout. There are many locations to select from, and many have come forward to offer their property as locations for the towers. The towers are a bridge so they are only going to be up three years, but they will provide needed service to areas that have nothing or ‘next to’ nothing in terms of reliable Internet service.

A heartening level of support from everyone on the Board and the audience. THANKS!


On Monday of this week, the PI Township Board unanimously approved the changes to the Zoning Ordinances that will allow Cherry Capital to put up the temporary towers required to provide Wireless Internet as a ‘bridge’ to the Fiber to The Home project that will begin this spring. This was made possible by the efforts of the Planning Commission who held two special meetings and with the assistance of their outside counsel and a representative of NEMCOG who is assisting the Planning Commission in updating our existing ordinances. We want to thank everyone who supported this process. You all made a difference!

The approval of the changes to our Zoning Ordinances clears the way for CCC to create a site plan, AND to use ‘existing’ towers already located in the Township as repeaters to serve the ENTIRE Township. The site plans are still subject to approval by the Zoning Administrator. This entire process is there for YOUR protection! No one is more anxious than me (or CCC) to get this project on the road to completion. BUT, you have to consider that if we bypass the law or stray too far from existing standards without real deliberation and a vote of the Board of Trustees we are setting dangerous precedents. Although this took us a few weeks, it is now a project that will be good for everyone now, but protects the process for other projects that may occur in the future. THANKS to everyone for working hard to make this happen!