Planning Commission Meeting Results

Monday Presque Isle Township planners working with their attorney and a senior planner from NEMCOG approved language changes to the existing ordinances affecting wireless towers and repeaters. One specific change allows the use of ‘existing’ towers to be used as repeaters so construction of new towers is held to the minimum. These changes and others removed the barriers that prevented expanding wireless high-speed internet access throughout the township. PI county planners and PI township Board of Trustees must approve these language changes before they become law. Planners also approved forwarding Cherry Capital’s proposed language changes along to the Township Board of Trustees for consideration before finalizing the changes to the zoning ordinances. This enables the BOT to consider these additional changes prior to final approval at their discretion. In any case, CCC can now confidently begin the work to obtain access to existing vertical assets and acquire access to new tower sites. The entire site plan will still have to be approved by the Zoning Administrator before implementation. These very positive results allow solid solutions to be included in the feasibility study and moving forward the process of putting up the temporary Wireless Broadband bridge that will provide reliable and affordable broadband to Presque Isle and Krakow Township while the Fiber to The Home construction is being completed. The EXACT timing of any of this is still subject to Township review, so a specific date for implementation is not available at this time. As SOON as we have an exact date we will let you know.

The next meeting on this matter will occur on Monday, January 13th at 7pm at the  Presque Isle Township Board of Trustees meeting at the PI Township Hall.

Thanks to everyone on the Planning Commission, the Board of Trustees, and especially the RESIDENTS who have supported this project!