Wireless to Fiber Internet – Krakow and PI Townships!

This is my opinion only and was not discussed or cleared with CCC or anyone else. I have no reliable Internet, weak cell service, and no landline where I live. For me personally, it has become UNACCEPTABLE to live here anymore! If we had an emergency we might well have to send up smoke signals! Both Townships require more, and supporting CCC is a way to avoid the uncertainty of a Frontier Bankruptcy with a stock price that has fallen to less than a ‘dollar a share’, and SpeedConnect‘s new owner whose stock trades for UNDER A PENNY! Neither of these companies will EVER get us to true Fiber to The Home either. Please help me get the message out to the community and to our elected officials. If we can’t show CCC that we are IN this fight with them, then we risk even further delays. Wireless can be up QUICKLY (weeks, not years) if we act now, and the commitment and revenues from the ‘bridge’ wireless installation help to fund the Fiber to The Home project for CCC and show the communities commitment!

Mike Rehling


Krakow Township Update:

Discussions were had in the last meeting of the Board of Supervisors and there was a strong interest in working with Cherry Capital Communications to create a ‘wireless bridge’ and lay Fiber To The Home to the township. It appears that we can have a real discussion with Cherry Capital at the next Planning Commission meeting in February. There are already several landowners who are willing to have towers erected on their property. We NEED folks in Krakow Township to SIGN UP and to communicate with their elected officials about the NEED for ‘real’ High-Speed Internet! WE FEEL WE HAVE REAL SUPPORT IN KRAKOW FROM THE BOARD AND FROM THE COMMUNITY! HERE IS THE DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING, AND YOU CAN COME AND INDICATE YOUR SUPPORT there, I will be present to answer questions and take sign up sheets.

January 14th at 7:00 PM BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING at Township Hall


The PI Planning Commission is meeting on January 6th at 7:00 PM to discuss changes in Zoning Ordinances that would allow CCC to put up the wireless Internet towers that would provide service to the ENTIRE community while they lay the Fiber to The Home infrastructure. We had ‘hoped’ to have the wireless service up by Christmas, but that has been delayed pending this review. PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETING IF YOU ARE IN THIS AREA! If you cannot attend  CALL the Township Hall (989-595-2752) and let them know that you consider “High-Speed Internet to be an ESSENTIAL SERVICE” to the community!