Update!!! And CCC Meeting!

Last night there was a productive meeting of the PI Township Planning Commission. Tim Maylone from Cherry Capital Communications discussed with the members the issues that were uncovered in the Zoning Ordinances. The language currently would impede the erection and/or use of existing towers for a Wireless Internet solution as a ‘bridge’ to Fiber to the Home. The planning commission came to the meeting with concrete suggestions to change the sections in question and agreed to handle this issue ‘expeditiously’ so as to minimize the impact on the project completion. A draft of the proposed changes will be taken up at a public meeting of the Planning Commission in January. As soon as the approved draft is published on the Township website we will provide everyone the link (anticipated this week). Once the final language is approved by the Planning Commission it will be sent to the County for a short review, and then scheduled for review at the February meeting of the Township Board of Trustees. It is important for everyone concerned that this is done correctly. 

A big thank you to the Planning Commission for handling this on a ‘fast track’ basis, but you should be assured that they have hired an attorney and an outside consultant so that these changes are done RIGHT! These changes are not being done just for CCC, but for others as well that may appear in the future, so everyone wants to avoid any unintended consequences. This does present a short delay prior to construction, but CCC is working to complete their site plan and be prepared to meet all the new guidelines set by the commission as soon as the changes to the ordinance are passed.

THERE WILL BE A MEETING OF THE MEN’S CLUB, AT THE PIHA CLUBHOUSE THIS THURSDAY AT 11:00 AM! Tim Maylone, CEO of Cherry Capital Communications will be there, and donuts will be served. Use the Contact Link on this site to RSVP, or just show up!!!