Cherry Capital Meeting Update!

Cherry Capital Connection, LLC during the feasibility study effort commissioned by the Presque Isle Township Board of Commissioners discovered that current zoning ordinances would prevent the development of a Fixed Point wireless system. This discovery was presented to the Township Supervisor, Township Zoning Administrator, and the Township Planning Commission chairperson.

We have discussed the possibility of designating Cherry Capital Connection, LLC as a public utility providing an essential service.  If agreed to then Section 4.14 as worded would allow the construction of additional personal wireless facilities with no zoning approval.  Another approach is to update zoning to address many telecommunication changes outlined by the State of Michigan and the updated federal 2012 telecommunication law changes presented under the balanced budget act. Making these changes would provide the possibility of constructing personal wireless facilities.

If section 4.14 is not considered then CCC would still be required to submit a site plan and obtain a special use permit.

Reviewing zoning and addressing possible changes will be addressed at the December 2, 2019 planning commission meeting at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall (the web site has not been updated to reflect this meeting). 

Cherry Capital Connection will be in attendance at that meeting and will be providing input to the planning commission. The Personal Wireless facility differs from a cellular tower. The FCC defines personal wireless facilities as a location that uses the equipment on the tower that is essentially the same as the equipment used to receive the signal. This is what CCC does. 

Additionally, the FCC OTARD rules that allow property owners to construct masts with no permits to receive telecommunications services to whatever height is required is being updated to allow these sites to be used as repeaters. CCC is a licensed CLEC and provides telecommunication services.

It is unclear how long a delay this will cause to the completion of the current project in Presque Isle. Cherry Capital Connection, LLC feels confident that the process will move forward in a timely manner.

CCC thanks the planning commission chairperson for scheduling a meeting on December 2, 2019, at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall. 

Everyone is invited to attend.

Kind Regards,

Tim Maylone, CEO Cherry Capital Connection, LLC