Cherry Capital Wireless Update


Final Plans for the Wireless ‘bridge’ to Fiber are being made!

Cherry Capital has completed the ‘proposed’ design for the Wireless system that will serve as a ‘bridge’ the Fiber to the Home system they will start work on next spring. Wireless is only temporary to ‘get PI through’ the construction phase of FTTH.


The wireless system will be SUBSTANITALY faster than any other offered in the county. There will also be multiple towers so we will not be dependant on a single source, and it WILL provide full coverage to areas that have NEVER had reliable Internet in the past.


The final stage requires permits, permissions, and Township and private party approval for the erection of new or use of existing towers. CCC will be at the Township meeting next week to present their plans and hopefully provide some resolution on time frames. The plan, if approved by all parties concerned, should provide wireless by Christmas!!!


As soon as CCC receives the final approvals we will set up a meeting, hopefully at the PIHA Clubhouse, to outline those plans to anyone interested in the community.




If you have NOT signed up for Cherry Captial check them out now. They ARE our only hope for REAL High-Speed Internet!!!