Cherry Buildout Plans

The buildout plans for the ‘bridge’ wireless system, and for pulling the Fiber to Presque Isle/Krakow Township are proceeding. Here are images that map out the current plans. Nothing can be finalized until permits and contracts are signed, but this is the present state of the plans.


The purple line is the planned path for the initial fiber to the area. The stars are where signups are currently clustered. It is not surprising that the most interest is in areas where there is NO viable service from any other providers.


This is a current plan for the wireless network. the purple lines represent where the potential fiber routes to service the area will come from, and the triangles are the potential locations of towers for the wireless network. The wireless option will only be available to those who signed up for Fiber To The Home. They are intended to be temporary while fiber is laid to the areas where there are existing signups. Once the fiber is installed, the wireless network will be removed.

The buildout time schedules are NOT available until CCC gets all the permits, etc., in place. As you can read in the Cherry Capital Newsletter this is proceeding now as quickly as possible.


We will keep you informed as the planning progresses, but the project IS happening, so hang on to receive REAL High-Speed Internet!

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