Frontier – High-Speed ‘Sort of’ Internet

Oh well. Frontier just turned on their ‘high-speed’ Internet for some small part of PIHA in Presque Isle. I was just offered 3 Mbps Download and fractional Upload from them for my home off Highland Pines. I said NO! That is a joke and considering that the FCC PAID them to put in this lame service as an ‘upgrade’ it is an outrage!

That said, there will be SOME folks who will get better speeds if you are closer to one of the nodes. You should call and see what you can get. The number is:


Let us know what they offer you. Remember that download is NOT guaranteed, but there should be no install fee or contract, so for some of you suffering from SpeedConnect’s lame service (like I am) you may get an improvement. Actually, SC is faster than Frontier right now for me. Oh well!!!

You should know that Frontier stock has plummetted and they are having issues in other states right now with maintaining service levels,  and bitter complaints by Minnesota’s Senators. They have 17B in debt and their stock trades around a buck a share now. But hey, SpeedConnect‘s new parent is a penny stock on the OTC and trades at below a buck a share when it trades at all.

If you have NOT signed up for Cherry Captial check them out now. They appear to be our only hope for REAL High-Speed Internet!!!