Save Money with CCC Internet!

You can SAVE money with true high-speed Internet that brings Fiber to the Home!

If you currently pay for the following services:

$70 a month for awful Internet from SpeedConnect
$60 a month for unreliable Frontier phone service
$90 a month for Dish Satellite TV (with a two-year contract commitment)
$?? a month for lousy cell service in your home that exposes you to risk in an emergency

TOTAL:   UPWARD OF $220 A MONTH! (And a LOT higher if you have Satellite Internet).
Do the math yourself for what you pay for now and compare!

WITH CCC Fiber to the Home Internet:

$80 a month for true 25 Mbps Download and 25 Mbps Upload (and an upgrade path to 100/100)
$22 a month for reliable VOIP telephone that can connect to 911 in an emergency
$49 a month Internet-based TV services with NO contract! Check for just a few of the options HERE!
$FREE services that allow your existing Smartphone to make calls (while in your home or anywhere where you have a WiFi connection) via the Internet and use NO minutes when within your WiFi router’s range and around your home. (Download Google Voice for Android or IPhone and use the Internet to make calls in your home. Spoiler, you NEED real high-speed Intenet such as CCC is offering for it to work properly.)

TOTAL:  $141 A MONTH! Your savings more than pay for the one time $249 installation fee! And, it is upgradeable in speed in the future if you wish, AND it is buried fiber so no blackouts when there is a whiteout or rain!!! If you have ever gone to the PIHA Clubhouse for the Internet in a rainstorm you know that even there it is hit or miss because they get their Internet from SpeedConnect too!

To signup online go to
To see answers to frequently asked questions (updated) go to Cherry Capital Q&A 
To review all the Internet options in the area CLICK HERE

If you wish to signup manually go to Lakeshore Realty the PIHA Clubhouse or the Presque Isle Township Hall and the forms are available there as well.