Township Board Approves Grant

From Tim Maylone, CEO of Cherry Capital Connection, LLC:

“Cherry Capital Connection, LLC would like to thank the leadership of Presque Isle Township in voting to accept our proposal for developing FTTH (fiber) and FPW (wireless) broadband throughout the township. A group of PI leaders spent 3-4 years evaluating options and they choose CCC for this Grant.”

The Grant, from the MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation) in the amount of $100K that was received by PI through the efforts of Larry Fields, Township Supervisor with Sue Allor, our Representative to Lansing, has been awarded to CCC. The Grant was for a study of our needs in the area and includes the creation of a plan to provide Fiber to our community. This study of our needs will serve as a roadmap for future expansion as well, AND assist us in creating a ‘bridge’ to FTTH (Fiber To The Home). As part of this Grant, CCC will be providing FREE hotspots to both of the Lighthouses in PI! It has been clear from the beginning when Larry Fields (PI Township Supervisor), Kyle Taylor (LakeShore Realty), and myself (just a geek), met with Tim Maylone and presented our community’s needs to him that he and the company he heads wanted a ‘partnership’ with the community. I look forward to deepening the ties with CCC, and over time providing REAL High-Speed-Internet to every home in the community. It should be clear that the total cost of providing fiber will, in the end, be a project close to $1 Million dollars, and this Grant was to fund the initial feasibility studies. The Township is NOT spending any tax dollars on this project. CCC is funding the balance of the Buildout itself. The exact timing of the project will be available in the coming weeks and months.

We will provide further updates soon, so stay tuned. AND, if you have NOT signed-up yet it might be time to get on the bandwagon NOW! THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Mike Rehling