Opportunity for Fiber to the Home in PI!

After some long conversations with several providers of true ‘fiber to the home’ Internet who have real track records of providing this service to smaller communities such as Presque Isle and Krakow Twp, it appears we have a strong contender. Cherry Capital Connection, LLC (CCC) DBA Cherry Capital Communications is proposing to provide fiber to the home, with speeds up to 100 Mbps to PI as well as parts of Krakow Twp. There would also be a home telephone system option as well as Internet-based TV and Movie products as add-ons as well. This would include areas that have been left out by other providers or given only weak Internet options. North Bay, Grand Point, Black Bass Bay, and others would be strong targets for this service.

Although fiber to the home is the ultimate goal, IF there is enough real interest in putting in fiber than Cherry Capital would be willing to install, as soon as this summer, a true high-speed wireless service by the end of this summer. That would provide at least 4 popular subscription service levels to the entire area. This wireless option would be powered by fiber brought directly into PI and broadcast from multiple but discreet towers. They would then begin to build out fiber to the community next year based on the levels of interest expressed by residents of each area. The wireless network would remain also, and provide another layer of coverage for everyone.

WE NEED YOU TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST IN FIBER TO THE HOME TO GET THIS PROJECT GOING! Please go the link below and complete the entire form. You are NOT committing to order, or being asked for money! You are simply expressing your interest and providing them with a ‘map’ for where the highest need areas are located. The pricing is for FIBER TO THE HOME, and not the wireless system. We are also discussing ways to help them get the project off the ground, and to get some fees, etc. waived in the future, BUT with no expression of interest, this project will go nowhere! Please do it now!

Click Here https://ccc.servicezones.net Fill Out the form COMPLETELY!!!

If you are interested in Fixed Point wireless options as a stepping stone to Fiber please just note that in comments when signing up for fiber.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL CHERRY CAPITAL!!They are not prepared to answer questions yet until they can gauge the level of interest from our community. We will have them available to the PIHA meeting, and may well set up other chances to inform you, BUT FIRST, we need to express our support for their investing their money and time in our community.