Internet/Cell Phone Update – Presque Isle

  1. Well, the work has begun in Presque Isle on the Frontier upgrade. Right now they are pulling the fiber up US 23 and conditioning the lines in the area to handle the Internet signal. This work is being done by Utility Contractors, and you will see PIEG and other trucks working on this project. The original lines were created for phone service so this is an important step that is being completed first. The project is STILL on target for completion in the first week of August. We will keep you all posted.
  2. Also, for those who are NOT in the build area from Frontier we are STILL working on getting a solution in place for all of you. I expect we ‘may’ have some real options to propose in the next few weeks. These would be a wireless solution with TRUE high-speed Internet, and a possible glide path to get fiber to the home in the ‘near’ future. This is exciting, but we are still working on the details, and interviewing providers. We will get back to everyone as quickly as we can.
  3. We are planning on filing an official complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) regarding our LACK of cell phone service in many of our most populated areas. We NEED you to use the ‘Contact’ section of this site to let us know of any specific issues you have had, especially when trying to contact Emergency Services! PLEASE provide your address and location if you have had issues so that we can pinpoint to the MPSC precisely where the problems are occurring. We have large swaths of our area that have NO cell service from either of the two largest providers. They have BOTH failed us. Now the MPSC is a bureaucratic institution but we want to get ‘on record’ with these issues. We will also be contacting our elected representatives to get their attention to the issue. Over the next few years, there will be upgrades proposed by the cell phone providers and we want to get on the radar at the very least.

We will keep you updated on our progress, but it is YOUR voices that politicians and government bureaucrats will respond to. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING THIS EFFORT SO FULLY!