Frontier Build Map

The Internet build map in PDF is at this link: FRONTIER BUILD MAP!

A few observations before you pour over the map!

  1. All of the homes in one of the ‘RED’ areas of the map are in the main build which requires Frontier to prove to the FCC that a minimum service of 10 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload is actually being received by those customers. Many homes ‘nearest’ to the node will be able to purchase much higher speeds if they need it. The variability of speeds is due entirely to the fact that the signal has to move over older copper lines constructed for landline telephone services.
  2. Those areas, notably North Bay Shores and 638 to the Lighthouses are not in the primary build area. The FCC did not provide funding for those areas. BUT, that does not mean you will not receive the Internet, but the speeds will not be guaranteed to meet the minimum. You could get service at 10/1 levels or lower depending on the strength of the signal. We will NOT know what you can be offered until the build is ‘complete’ in August. We are working to get grant money from the State for the Harbor and that will provide a node for full service to the areas outside the build, and out to the New Lighthouse. BUT we have no idea what, when, or IF any action will be taken on those requests this year or in the future.
  3. This build will bring full fiber to the Birch Hill Node and then it will be carried to the existing nodes where it will be boosted and sent on from there. Each node has ‘about’ a two-mile range, dependant on the state of the signal the number of homes on the system and the state of the existing wires. The signal ‘could’ carry much further and Frontier is doing everything they can to make sure anything that could impede the signal is cleared out, but we will just have to wait and see when the build is complete and they fire up the system exactly what is available to whom.
  4. As we noted in the Q&A of a previous post there are lots of reasons to be enthusiastic about this improvement to our Internet service. Check out that post and make your own assessment.
  5. IF you have a question PLEASE use the form on THIS SITE to contact us. I will try my best to answer questions ON the site. I can’t take emails on my personal account or answer questions on Facebook. It just is not possible. Frontier employees on 800 lines and installers in the area have little to NO knowledge of the build. Frontier, like all providers, do not take orders in advance of build completion. As soon as service is available we will let you know.