Update From Frontier

The plan is back to the original one presented to us. They ARE working internally on what they can do to expand the service, but nothing is firm yet. Best guess is that some of North Bay could be juiced since they are currently not included fully, but that is just a guess right now. They are working on the technical side now. BUT, the original plan at the very least will bring Fiber to the Node to a big chunk of PIHA. Speeds will be at least 10 Mbps Download, and 1 Mbps Upload, BUT many will get much better speeds if they are closer to the nodes. Our efforts will not be abating in any case! We will continue to look for options and to support Frontier efforts to get more funding from the State and Federal sources.

Frontier will be meeting with the committee in PI in two weeks. They will then bring maps and final details of what they can do for us now and hopefully some additional thoughts. When that happens we will have the final maps and know more of the details. The delay is to find ways to enhance what they can do under the current monies that have been made available.

Working with State broadband folks to expand the grants, and Sue Allor is now on Appropriations, but really looking to the new Governor to take the lead since she has to sign any bill in the end.  Both parties are wanting to do ‘something’, but ‘what to do’ is still a challenge. Jack Bergman and Whitmer’s team have BOTH been responsive and supportive of our efforts. We just need to keep the pressure up for a ‘real’ solution. Frankly, neither party has ‘delivered’ up to now, but the talk is beginning to be much more specific in the last month so we are hopeful.

As soon as we have specifics AND the Federal Government is again open for business, we will present you with a strategy for lobbying your elected representatives. We will keep you informed!