High-Speed Internet Update!

High-Speed Internet Update!

Frontier will be providing us with final plans for the Spring 2019 buildout in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, some areas of PI Township and Krakow Township will be left out of the plans and others may not get full Internet speeds. There are many reasons for this, but existing providers are claiming that they are servicing the area when clearly they are not. The funding for these buildouts in rural areas comes almost exclusively from FCC funds. Their ‘maps’ show areas already receiving High-Speed Internet, and they are highly INACCURATE because existing providers ‘exaggerate’ (LIE) about their coverage and the speeds that they provide. It happens all over the country by the way, not just in our area.

We are in contact with our elected representatives, both State and Federal. We are beginning to be heard, but we will need your help soon to push us over the top. I want to caution you that when elected officials, of both parties, say the Farm Bill on the Federal level or some State Bill will provide the money they are sadly WRONG! If you read the bills they are full of delaying tactics and limitations that make real funding to rural areas almost impossible. We are working to make our elected officials aware of these limitations, and there is true bipartisan support for making changes, but IF we are all to get high-speed Internet we still have a ways to go.

We are pleased that Frontier will be bringing fiber to our area, even if it is at a limited speed, and we are working with them to get additional funding that will bring much higher speeds and expand the system to reach everyone in our area regardless of which Township they may live in. 

We will get back to you with an action plan as soon as we get all the information from Frontier. And yes, we are exploring relationships with other providers also in areas where Frontier does not currently have existing services. We will need your help to lobby our elected officials so we can move our community into the 21st Century of connected services.