House Bill 5670

Just heard from Bob Stewart of Frontier and there is a bill (House Bill 5670) that is part of a legislative effort by the Governor, late in his term, as a priority. This bill will create funding for rural Internet service. We need to support this bill since it requires that a MINIMUM of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload be reached to get the funding. THIS WOULD BE VERY POSITIVE FOR PRESQUE ISLE and for the underserved areas of our community.

Frontier will be testifying on Tuesday in SUPPORT of this bill!. AT&T does not plan to be there, but Charter and Comcast will likely oppose the bill since they don’t want to have a stated minimum speed requirement. Bob will get back to me if he believes some of us should be present since he plans to use Presque Isle as ‘poster child’ for why this bill needs to pass. I told him I would happily make that trip. Bob has also spoken to Larry Fields, Presque Isle Township Supervisor, and he is willing to show up also to testify.

I am going to use Social Media, the website, and email everyone I know of to call their State Representative, AND Mary Whitford, District 80 Representative, and sponsor of the Bill. Here is here contact information:




Also, Sue Allor, our local Representative will be supportive and we need to contact her also and ask her to strongly support this bill:

Please call or email both of the reps above, AND if you live or vote downstate your local rep also. This bill could go a long way to get underserved parts of rural communities such as ours truly high-speed Internet.

The support for this project has been fantastic, but this could really result in further expansion in our area AND provide support for other underserved areas as well. This is the first time that Frontier has come out in support of ‘minimum’ speed requirements, and so we want to support them in their efforts regarding House Bill 5670!