Update and call for your help!

Folks, we have gathered a strong response from many of you about your interest in getting true High-Speed Internet in Presque Isle. We have you on our list, but now we need your help.

Here is what we are asking you to do NOW:

  1. Please FORWARD this link to your neighbors. TELL THEM WE NEED THEM TO EXPRESS INTEREST BY FILLING OUT THE CONTACT FORM. This needs to be done by the 25th of this month so we can forward a map that gives Frontier a geographic location of potential customers for their service. Please do this today and help us translate your ‘interest’ into a real service you can subscribe to! We want them to build a system that REALLY serves your needs.
  2. PHONE YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVES! I don’t think anyone has missed the fact that this is an election year. Phone your reps TODAY and keep it simple and very direct. This is what you need to communicate.
    • That you live in Presque Isle with little or no access to the Internet, and extremely weak cell service.
    • Tell them that Frontier Communications is considering a buildout in PRESQUE ISLE using State and Federal funds.
    • Ask them to contact Frontier to urge them to follow through on this project.
    • TELL THEM you want a RESPONSE from them on what they have done, and that this is an issue that will influence your VOTE!
    • Don’t threaten, don’t include any other issues. Keep the focus of this contact on the Frontier Internet buildout.
    • Use their contact forms on their site. Snail mail is not very effective, and they are out campaigning most of the time anyway.

WHO TO CALL (click the link for email and phone information):

*Jack Bergman, First Congressional District

*Sue Allor, 106th District, Michigan House of Representatives

*Jim Stamas, 36th District, Michigan Senate

*Debbie Stabenow, Senator, Michigan

Gary Peters, Senator, Michigan

*  Indicates politicians who have been VERY receptive to helping us already! But call and email anyway!!! If one of them calls Frontier it counts for a hundred of us!

We will be adding to the site in the coming days with more information on what has been happening, but NOW we need your help!