Short Recap of Frontier Meeting

FrontierMeet1The meeting on Wednesday was a FULL HOUSE STANDING ROOM ONLY EVENT! Thanks to everyone who attended and to the Frontier representatives who gave us an interesting and hopeful presentation. Some of the highlights were:

  1. Frontier currently has a build out in the planning stages for early next year. Completion dates are hard to project for all areas but most should be completed by this time next year.
  2. Almost all of PIHA will be included in the build out.
  3. Most, if not all, will be getting 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. MANY will be getting much stronger service. The factors affecting the faster downloads, up to 100 Mbps is the distance from the boxes the fiber is run to. They will be using existing boxes, BUT are currently looking for additional funds to install two new boxes to run fiber to. This will allow them to up speeds to many and reach some additional areas. The State of Michigan and the FCC will be likely sources of this funding.
  4. There is a possibility that some under served areas outside the initial build out could be served by installing wireless units at strategic points.
  5. It is hoped that final approval by Frontier management as well as additional funding could be settled sometime this fall.
  6. Higher speed service and commercial services will be available!


  1. Contact your State and Federal elected officials. This is NOT a Township or County issue, it is a State and Federal one. On each of your phone bills for landlines or cellphones you have paid a fee for decades. Michigan has been 40th in getting that money returned and only THIS YEAR did we get any substantial funding. The State has recently set up a mechanism for funding and they have been helpful in getting us moved up the list. Check out our blog post for information on how to email your representative. It should be said that many or our reps have been working hard for us already, but we need to keep our project in front on them in this election year. CLICK HERE
  2. Frontier needs to know WHO is interested and WHERE they are! We need your sign up information. Name, Address, Phone, and Email. You can send that to us via the CONTACT page on our site. CLICK HERE
  3. We will be contacting you after you sign up with additional information telling you more about the proposed service. We will need to know what type of service you will need, especially if you are working from home or have a commercial business in the served area.
  4. There will be a need to keep up communications so please share your contact information, AND Subscribe to our email list so you get prompt updates wherever you are. CLICK HERE

One more thing! Chuck Austin and Kim Dobson have been working this project for over two and a half years! If you know Chuck and Kim give them some thanks for all they have done to make this happen. Larry Fields, the Presque Isle Township Supervisor has also been lobbying our elected representatives, for the first time by the way, and deserves notice for his work in setting up the Township Meeting and supporting the effort so faithfully!